At Social Spotlight 360, our goal is to help small business owners and real estate professionals collect data, identify target markets, develop marketing materials, branding and establish social network presence for high visibility and dominance.

Our success comes from our current in-house talent and leveraging the latest technology for automating processes that would otherwise cost time and money.

In today's rapidly changing consumer world combined with their short attention spans, you have only about 5-seconds to capture the attention of your target market and get them to act.

Staying ahead of the competition means being able to be at the right place, at the right time and with the right message.


Benefits of using our services


  • We start with understanding your goals.
  • We can help you gain "Maximum Exposure" without costing a small fortune
  • Social Media - Don't waste money on sites that don't fit your business.
  • Branding  - "The Right Way"
  • Staying in the Social Spotlight
  • We can do it for you or show you how to do it, it's totally your choice.
  • Free consultation 

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Latest News


There are a number of video platforms that have recently become available for effectively delivering your message to your target audience. 

Facebook's new live video feed is now being used by a number of companies, however, many of the videos that we are seeing are missing the most important piece of information.

Bomb Bomb has improved their video platform, which is used to embed videos in email drip campaigns.

For more on how to make and distribute videos through social media, please send us your questions at the Contact link above.